What it Takes, by KEZ. Hosted by SpiderForest! Cast
colbey aka tina spencer

First name: Colbey
Last name: None of your business.
Height: Tall enough.
Age: Uh, screw you.
If you can't tell, the disguise is working. Also, you're an idiot.
Bio: Hi. Eight years ago, my life went to complete shit, but hey, at least I'm alive I guess. In a world full of crazy people with guns competing for resources, I'm on my own, searching for a man named "Peter Wolfe." Heard of him? No? Didn't think so. Dammit. ARGH.

alex mathews

First name: Alex
Last name: Mathews
Height: Aaaaalmost 5' 9"
Age: I'm 17! I swear! No that was NOT my voice cracking!
Bio: I'm a volunteer representative for A City in a Place. I'm looking for people who would do my city as much good as it would do them. Colbey saved me from Arthur, so I guess she gets my last invite...and my Johnnie Walker Blue. I was saving that! Sorry, have to report in, stay safe and see you later!

dharmesh yehti

First name: Dharmesh
Last name: Yehti
Height: Big.
Age: 42
Bio: Associate professor of history at Penn State for 10 years before the End. I teach those who want to learn, but won't waste my time with people who've given up. The world may be different than it was only 8 years ago, but ethics, morality, human rights and civility will only vanish if we let them.

Sheriff Bob

First name: Sheriff
Last name: Bob
Height: above average.
Age: 36
Bio: Don't fight the law, the law will win. ... ... Have I mentioned I AM the law? Driftwood is my responsibility, and I'll do what's necessary to keep the place civil, even it means I compromise my own beliefs. I may play only a small role in the grand scheme of things, but dammit, it's gonna make a difference even if it kills me.


First name: Primrose Shirley
Last name: Westcott
Height: taller than you
Age: 34
Bio: If you dare smirk at my name I will so help me God punch you in the face. My parents were straight out of The Brady Bunch, and my sister Petunia May and I can't really do anything about that, ok? We're used to it. I'm Bob's right-hand woman, and where he's a softy, I pick up the slack with my knuckles or my gun. Bob was also my second husband. He's on his fourth wife and I'm on my third husband. Yeah, I got issues. I'm aware of it. Who gives a shit now that the world's ended?


First name: Scot
Height: Look taller than I really am
Age: 18
Bio: I wasn't even old enough to vote when the world ended. I barely survived, and now I search for the reason why I was spared. As part of Alpha Omega, I'm a force for good, at least I try to be. We brought destruction on ourselves, not God. God won't abandon us if we don't abandon Him. Or Her. Or It.

Peter Wolfe

First name: Peter
Last name: Wolfe
Height: 6 foot even
Age: 31
Bio: My education, specialties and function are classified by the Trustees. All I can say is that I've been looking for Colbey for 8 years, and I'm not giving up. I know she's out there, I know she's alive, and if she can just hold on, we'll see each other again. Got to go, there's a world to save.


First name: Becky
Last name: Carver
Height: 5'6"
Age: 16
Bio: I don't really remember too much from before the End. I mean, yeah, martial arts with Colbey and Peter and Scot with Toshiro-sensei, but other than school and stuff, not much. Since I'm related to Aunt Ariel I got an invite to the City, but there are no kids here. Just Alex, and he got smuggled out to act as a Rep. Damn I'm jealous. I really don't like how the City is treating Peter though, and I'm trying my best to help him out.


First name: Noor
Last name: Fahar
Height: Taller than that moron Colbey
Age: 32
Bio: I've always hated writing these, ugh. Look, I'm not a weirdo, role-playing is just how I cope, ok? My character has become my new life I guess. I chose to become an Aiel, a tough, desert-dwelling people from The Wheel of Time series by the Great Robert Jordan. At least I'm not a Klingon? Fuck red heads in the desert, man.


First name: Zachary
Last name: Marlin
Height: Really? Who gives a shit.
Age: 25
Bio: I'm known as Wizard Marlin, and I'm the leader of my Affiliation. I could go into the multiple meanings behind my title, but mostly I want you to know I chose it annoy that so-called King Arthur. Marlin...Merlin, get it? I was an 17-year old PhD student studying plant genetics when The End happened, and I happened to be the smrtest person around this area, so I took charge. Too bad, if all that shit hadn't gone down, I might have run for president as the youngest candidate ever.


First name: Arthur
Last name: ScrantonbachScrotumsack
Height: 173cm Really? Who the fuck uses cm?
Age: 56
Bio: I'm a total dick, one mean sonuvabitch, and I've made it my goal to screw over my star pupil after ignoring his warnings before the world ended. I'm a crybaby, like sniffing used diapers, and should have "douchebag" tattooed on my forehead. Basically, I need a bullet between my eyes. (edited by Colbs).

Yuri Novak

First name: Yuri
Last name: Novak
Height: Average
Age: Young at heart
Bio: I may not be the most successful boss around, but I look out for my posse and they look out for me. Does a man need more than some good friends and full flask? And some good boots. A warm bed. And someone to share it with. Hey single ladies, I'm ready and available. Look me up, my shoulders are hard to miss.

Yuri Novak

First name: Sarrah
Last name: Duval
Height: 5'5"
Age: 50
Bio: As a traveling member representing Alpha-Omega, I am often asked to perform tasks requiring a mixture of diplomacy and brutal honesty. I find that as one of the few humans surviving past middle age, I possess a wisdom few of the newest generation can hope to earn. So while I yet breathe, I will force this wisdom down their throats before it's too late.

The Trustees


Postition: Head of the Board
First name:
Last name: Kawaguchi
Height: 5'10"
Age: 66
Education: MBA
Businessman. Martial Artist. Entrepeneur. I think Peter's desire to start his own business came from me, and I like to think with my guidance, my nephew has made mostly great decisions in life. Perhaps the stress of work finally became too much for him, but I am confident he will return to his senses. Until then I will help him out as best I can, and show him the correct path. It's for his own good.


Position: Junior Member
First name:
Last name: Snatch
Height: 5'7"
Age: 33
Education: PhD, Immunology/Microbiology
Bio: I am research scientist specializing in agricultural development in third world countries. Since the whole word now qualifies as that, my skills come in handy. Peter and I collaborated a bit during his PhD, so we knew each other before the End. My niece Becky is my only surviving family member, and I'll do anything to protect her.

Marison Mathews

Position: Full Member; spokesperson
First name:
Last name: Mathews
Height: 5'6"
Age: 56
Education: MD, Oncologist
Bio: For many years, I have taken on the role as spokesperson for the City, despite my distaste at misleading my fellow citizens. I am willing to do whatever must be done to see the success of our project here, while I still possess the power to do so.

Nigel Eze

Position: Full Member
First name:
Last name: Eze
Height: 5' 10"
Age: 35
Education: PhD, Geology; ME
Bio: I may be one of the younger members of the board, but I was my knowledge that got this place up and running. My fellow board members may have impressive educations, but they don't understand the difference between theoretical and practical applications. If this place is going to last long enough to do any real good, they better start listening little harder.

James Gholston

Position: Full Member
First name:
Last name: Gholston
Education: PhD, Meteorology and Climatology
Bio: Toshiro and I have never seen eye-to-eye on many issues, the application of the resources of this city being one of them. In that regard, Peter and I have more often agreed. While I wait for my fellow board members to screw their heads on straight, I'll keep monitoring the skies outside.

Red Shirt Squad (RSQ)

nick brown

Name: Nick Brown
Cast as:
Arthur's Goon 2
Killed off: Arc 2, Page 10, throat slash.
Killed off by: Colbey

Personal Website: Lockson and Co.

james roden

Name: James Roden
Cast as:
Arthur's Goon 3
Killed off: Arc 2, Page 13, double tap.
Killed off by: Colbey

Personal Website: Requiem

barb jacobs

Name: Barb Jacobs
Cast as:
Arthur's Goon 4
Killed off: Arc 3, Page 20, chest shot, long range.
Killed off by: Colbey

Personal Website: Xyliatales, Barb J Art & Illustration


Name: Sarah "Wolfy" Sawyer
Cast as:
Bar Brawler 1
Beat up: Arc 4, Page 16, elbow to solar plexis, followed by knee to gut.
Beat up by: Colbey
Status: Still alive, may die later.

Personal Website: The Gods' Pack, Beyond Rapture

sharon t rose

Name: Sharon T Rose
Cast as:
Bar Brawler 2
Killed off: Arc 4, Page 18, chest shot, short range.
Killed off by: Bugbyte

Personal Website: LilyFields


Name: Michael "Onyxsparrow" Dellheim
Cast as:
Bar Brawler 3
Killed off: Arc 4, Page 19, axe to gut
Killed off by: Andy

Personal Website: Prepare to Die


Name: Andy
Cast as:
Bar Brawler 4
Killed off: Arc 5, Page 16, hanged
Killed off by: Sheriff Bob and Primrose


Name: Bugbyte
Cast as:
Bar Brawler 5
Killed off: Arc 5, Page 16, hanged
Killed off by: Sheriff Bob and Primrose

Personal Website: Messenger


Name: Caveman
Cast as:
Australian Klingon. What? It could happen
Killed off: Arc 10, Page 31
Killed off by: Arthur's goons


Name: Mark
Cast as:
Berserking Viking
Killed off: Arc 10, Page 19
Killed off by: landmine


Name: Q440o
Cast as:
Arthur Goon #1
Killed off: Arc 10, Page 35
Killed off by: Colbey, who smashed in his head with a rock.


Name: Purple Phoenix
Cast as:
Arthur Goon #2
Killed off: Arc 10, Page 42
Killed off by: Colbey's AK-47


Name: browniemuffin
Cast as:
Arthur Bodyguard #1
Killed off: Arc 10, Page 42
Killed off by: Colbey's AK-47


Name: MithLycos
Cast as:
Teammate #5
Killed off: Arc 13, Page 17
Killed off by: mrfatelurk stabbing her in the heart to prevent warning of treachery


Name: mrfatelurk
Cast as:
Teammate #6
Killed off: Arc 13, Page 30
Killed off by: Pissed off Colbey

RSQ (Cameos only)

peg fisher
Name: Peg Fisher
Cast as:
Informative seller of hats
Appeared: Arc 4, Page 6
Personal Website: Around my Hat
peg fisher

Name: Tamoso
Cast as:
Grandson-by-choice of informative seller of hats, Peg Fisher
Appeared: Arc 4, Page 6

peg fisher

Name: Swikan
Cast as:
Road-Warrior Wannabe
Appeared: Arc 8, Page 9-14

Personal Website: Life's a Witch

peg fisher

Name: CourtneyLunn
Cast as:
Deranged Mage Carrying a Shotgun
Appeared: Arc 8, Page 9-14

peg fisher

Name: LtcKai
Cast as:
Arthur's get-away driver
Appeared: Arc 10, Page 40-41


Name: Varethane
Cast as:
Dissenting scientist #1
Appeared: Arc 20, Page 62

Personal Website: Chirault


Name: Al
Cast as:
Dissenting scientist #2
Appeared: Arc 20, Page 62
Personal website:


Name: Mitsukaiten
Cast as:
Dissenting scientist #3
Appeared: Arc 20, Page 62

Personal website: Cetiya


Name: Jimininstrovic
Cast as:
Dissenting scientist #4
Appeared: Arc 20, Page 64
Personal website:


Name: Alli
Cast as:
Dissenting scientist #5
Appeared: Arc 20, Page 64
Personal website:


Name: Maryanne
Cast as:
Dissenting scientist #6
Appeared: Arc 20, Page 67
Personal website:


Name: Darwin
Cast as:
Dissenting scientist #7
Appeared: Arc 20, Page 67
Personal website:


Name: Monica
Cast as:
Dissenting scientist #8
Appeared: Arc 20, Page 67
Personal website:

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