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Arc 19 - Punctuated Equilibrium - Page 39
July 17, 2015

Yeah, still the same vote incentive.

If you go back a page, I edited it a bit, including some extra text.

Please welcome Patron James Gholston in his cameo role! I haven't done cameos in awhile, but I thought "Dr. Gholston" was perfect for the part. He'll be back in later pages!

Man, those PolSec guys sure are eager to "terminate," whatever THAT means. Too bad your plan is already doomed to fail, Colbster.

There is ONE page left in this arc, and then I will be taking TWO weeks off. My wrist is killing me, and if pages are to continue to pace, I must rest it. Arc 20 --THE FINAL CHAPTER-- starts August 5th. The next page will be Wednesday, July 22nd.

Catch ya next week!

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