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Arc 4 - The Yeti - Page 1
September 28, 2010

And here is the official start of Arc 4. There are about 10 or so people who will be cameoing and dying in this chapter, O Patient Red Shirt Squad. Those of you who have requested a special death, I will TRY to arrange it, but I can guarantee nothing.

For super-special news today, I have the most awesome thing to show off to readers! Look what Barb Jacobs, recent Red Shirt AND creator of Xyliatales made for me! It is the most fantastic thing I've ever received. Soon, it shall be framed and hung on my wall. GLEE!

Comment Replies

Darwin: Yay, that's the thought I was going for!

Sayanni: D'aww, thanks! I've been working hard on expressions lately, because they are a weak point of mine. Glad I'm starting to get it right!

Babs: Talking over Ustream was awesome, glad you could join us!

Aquila Audax: Oooo, very perceptive on the weaponless thing! ;)

Emlyn: Thanks so much!