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Arc 8 - The Whizard - Page 14
January 11, 2012

Character info on Marlin is up on the cast page, just FYI. Vote to see the next page! The geekery just won't stop. Ok, yes, it will, I fully realize this arc is a bit silly but it all starts to come together in a few pages. No worries those of you who have NO idea what is going on here. It will soon be over, and then, to some ANSWERS! Followed by lots of death.

Do you make a webcomic? Are you looking to join a group of people who also make webcomics, have a community, support each other, and offer free hosting if needed (that requires no ads)? Well now. You should check out SpiderForest! We're accepting applications until January 24th. It's a great place to be, been here 5 years now, still loving it. Each year is better and better. I'm proud to be an SF webcomic creator!

So, there is only 11 tickets in the raffle so far. :( This makes Kez sad. If you missed the filler on Monday, the Comic Creators for Freedom drive started! This is the third year I'm participating, and the second year where I am offering a prize for MY readers. This prize this year is an original drawing to be raffled off to those who donate to the awesome cause of supporting victims of sex trafficking. Yeah, that stuff you see on Law and Order: SVU? It happens in real life. And comic creators across the globe have joined up to create a collaborative piece of art as an incentive for donations. So, to recap, you get THAT piece of art (Colbey is in it, hurling a GIANT snowball) as well as a chance at an original piece from me. Details here!

In other news, some of our Red Shirts have their last cameo today. They didn't die (sadly?), but maybe I can fit them in somewhere in the future. Until then, say thanks and goodbye to Swikan and CourtneyLunn! Thanks for letting me use your faces. The other red shirts WILL be dying rather spectacularly (yes, Mark, I promised...just be patient!) You can learn more about the red shirt squad, as well as how to join them, on the cast page!

That's all for me today. Early day of microscopic anatomy tomorrow. Glad I've got a few weeks of buffer because I'm so tired. I want vacation back! Thanks for reading.