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Arc 4 - The Yeti - Page 8
October 22, 2010

Today we set the scene. These next few pages will be a juxtaposition between what happened 8 years earlier and what is happening in the present time in Colbey's story. There are 5 members of Colbey's Red Shirt Squad on the first panel of this page: Sharon T Rose in her beautiful corset (decided to keep that, because, hey, it was cool; bottom left!), Bugbyte (bottom right), Andy (upper right), Wolfy, and Michael Dellheim. We all remember what happens to Red Shirts (eventually), right? Is that foreshadowing enough for you?

As for panel 1, I'm sure most readers here have walked into a bar or restaurant or small-town something-something. Don't you just hate it when conversation stops and everyone turns to stare at you? So does Colbey. And I hope everyone can keep up with which panels are past and which are present. Shouldn't be too difficult. Use those powers of deduction! (clean and happy vs dirty and mean? There ya go.)

Posters in the store are 1/2 off. I want them out of my take-to-convention box. Check 'em out, as well as what is already up! There is now also a new digital wallpaper calendar available for November. I've decided I'd like to try and get them out earlier. For November I finished up the last of the four part series of the Four Winds for my other comic, The War of Winds. It's much longer and different than this comic. Click the pic to go see the preview of the wallpaper!