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Arc 4 - The Yeti - Page 4
October 7, 2010

Giving up her weapons, willingly? Oh Colbey, can't you just FEEL the foreshadowing?! Didn't you see your own cover page? Oh. Yeah. You didn't. Not much else to say on this page, some explanations on the next page though! Cameos start pretty soon too.

If you missed it on Wednesday, the site has updated. Red shirts have been added to the cast page, the archive is up-to-date, and art has been added to the gallery page.

Comment Replies

MSN/MSB: HA! On both counts.

Sayanni: Indeed, I do very much so appreciate it. I hate wearing things on my fingers, so if I had a ring, it would probably be around my neck anyway. Been TRYING to wear a cool ring I bought, but I've only been able to keep it on for a half and hour before yanking it off. Uncomfortable!

Jande: Thank you! Thank you! And yeah, the border crossing sucks majorly. I never get hassled coming back in, it's always going INTO Canada. I have a martial arts decal on my car door, I wonder if they think I'm a one-woman militia or something :D Cutting through the peninsula to Michigan was the WORST border crossing experience of my life. Waited for hours. (I live in Buffalo, a few minutes from the Peace Bridge).

Darwin: Hopefully, eh? But if it didn't, it may be boring...