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Arc 7 - Fortune Cookie - Page 15
September 7, 2011

Vote to see a really silly (but also kind of creepy) ending to today's strip. Y'all can't thank Canterrain for that!

Second, I finally updated my printfection store with new designs. They don't have anything to do with the comic, but popculture nerdgeeks like me might find something of interest (Thundercats, Indiana Jones, Angry Birds...Star Trek...). Please check it out! I make only 50 cents per thing sold, but hey, keeps prices as low as things can go. I hope to get these printed out to sell in person at cons sometime early next year.

Third, the effing bullet hole is there, I swear, and no, still haven't had time to go back and correct previous pages (or the typo).

I want to admit, here and now, that parts of Scot are perhaps blatantly based off my big bro's master drill sergeant from basic training. Well, I guess I should say based off stories of this guy, since I never got to meet him at graduation. Apparently this guy DID NOT swear, which is a bit, uh, uncommon in the army. So when some drill sergeants were cussing up a storm, THIS guy would scream things like "CHEESE AND RICE YOU ARE PATHETIC." Cheese and rice. Say it fast. I laughed so hard when I heard this story, and immediately stored that away for a future character.

I know some people here excepted Colbey to put forth some asskickery, but really, Colbey's not as hot-headed as that. What Scot said needed to be digested first, for one (especially since she wasn't taking it seriously ((in bed))). Second, an on-coming flashback might help sort out some confusion.

In case no one can tell, I'm not the most awesome scriptwriter on this planet. In fact, my favorite scripts are probably the most confusing kind--the ones where people walk into a conversation without the benefit of backstory. What I love to do is walk into a Law and Order episode about 40 minutes through the hour, observe WTF is going on, have that "Ah ha!" moment, and not waste the entire hour watching the blasted show.

Now, if you're that type of person who, when entering late into a movie or TV show, is CONSTANTLY ASKING YOUR FRIEND WHAT IS GOING ON AND WHY THAT PERSON DID OR SAID THAT AND WHY IS HE SO ANGRY AND WHAT IS HER PROBLEM, this comic is probably not for you. If you're the type of person who can just sit back, go with it, and observe, I think you'll like where things are going.

Ha, over 150 pages in and I say this.

But in non-comic news, med school is going very well, I like it (I LOVE gross anatomy, zomg), and I expect to continue to be able to pound out pages. For now at least. First exam is next friday. :)