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Arc 4 - The Yeti - Page 19
December 20, 2010

And Andy axes off Onyxsparrow with a conveniently placed fire axe! WILL HIS DEED GO UNPUNISHED? 3 more pages until the end of this story arc! And, only 4 more bucks before there will be THREE extra Monday updates in January (*points to left sidebar*). Don't have Flash? Can't see that little widget there? Here's a direct link. The reason WiT is updating today (and not last Friday) is because I was out celebrating the end of the semester in all due style. And I had fun. And that's that. I allot myself such a day every once in a while! Never fear, if I miss an update without reason, it will be made up the following week.

Also, I'm making a bet that about 5% of you will actually go look up the location on Yehti's card...

Comment Replies

Anon: The term "sympathizer" will be defined in the next arc.

Babs: Thanks! The dude's shroudedness is really starting to annoy me though, can't wait to get him into the limelight :3

Sharon: But you kicked ass for quite some time, right? <3

Xanthine: Already told you about my stupid mistake. For the rest of you...MAGICMAGICMAGICVOODOO.

Seilann: Haha! If her luck didn't suck, the story would be MUCH shorter!

Octosue: <_< ... >_> Barb and I didn't discuss axes at ALL...

Darwin: Hmm, that would be interesting indeed! .... yes. Yes it would. ;)