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Arc 10 - Underhanded - Page 39
August 3, 2012

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Well, Scot, it was nice knowing you. I actually did not expect Scot to be this big a character in the story when I first came up with him. I had the notion that I was making What it Takes with lots of minor characters that would be coming in and out of Colbey's life. A touch and go thing as it were, with her being mostly the loner.

Well that didn't happen! Scot stuck around. And then I started to enjoy his character. I kept on forgetting he was only 18 because he was so adult. But I guess if you knew how things were going to end up, if you had seen it and had years to accept it, I think that would give you a very different outlook on life. Or death, as it were.

I often wonder whether knowing when/how I would die would affect how I would live my days. Would I be one of those people who take insane risks because hey, I would die anyway? Would I focus on what relationships were most important to me? Would I try my hardest to leave something behind or make a mark on the world while I could? Would I spend my days in contemplation/meditation of WHY? I don't know. Likely a mixture of the above. I guess that would depend on when the "deadline" (hurr hurr) was.

Bottom line is, I will miss Scot. He brought out the better side of Colbs I think. Perhaps that was his purpose, other than taking those bullets. I will start drafting the side-story I have planned for him. Something short, sweet, inexpensive. I'm sorry that these things can't be free. I'd really love to be well enough off financially to not have to rely on comic-money to make it through the month, but that's just how it is. This comic makes ends meet for me, I hope those of you who enjoy the comic but are not interested in purchasing extra stories do not hold it against me. <3

Comic of the Week is Malaak, by Cedarseed! A great twist on the superhero genre, Malaak is a superheroine with a believable costume and kick-ass skills. She is a Guardian, sent by the land of Lebanon itself, and she is desperately trying to end a war between Jinn/demons and humans. It's a great read and highly recommended.

After the end of this arc, I'm going to need to take 2 weeks off to recuperate, would love some art to put up in the meantime. Send it to! Probably in about 3 weeks is when art would start going up. With gratuitous links to any of your work (or sponsor someone else's work, I don't care! It's all good.)

Thanks for reading! 5 more pages left in this arc.