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Arc 8 - The Whizard - Page 7
December 7, 2011

Hellllooo! I'm back! So sorry for taking two unexpected weeks off, I suck D: But I think I did well on my exams, so I hope no one holds it against me.

I'm not sure if the distances shown in the comic today are completely legit since they're in back country, but I would think in the flat area where they are, with mostly-straight lines, it would still be possible to do 50 miles in a day. Obviously far more could be done in a day by a professional on a highway.


There is a reader of this comic, Jeo, who is being screwed by a certain computer company for a purchase of a laptop years ago that currently isn't worth one tenth of what she is still trying pay off. There are few awesome people (including Liliy of The Adventures of Wiglaf and Mordred), who are volunteering merchandise for a raffle to raise money to get Jeo out of this predicament.

Sadly there's nothing for The War of Winds up for grabs, but there is something better! I offered up not only What it Takes merch, but ALSO a free FIFTY DOLLAR digital illustration commission. Since it's a raffle, you put money in the pot through Paypal, each five bucks is a ticket, you assign the ticket to a lot, and winners get picked. My lot will have three winners. Other than my stuff, there's lots more prizes available. PLEASE check it out, help someone you don't know, and tell Dell to shove it. Because of med school I can't really guarantee extra updates here or anything, but damn, if you readers help get Jeo to her goal, I will FIND the time to do something awesome for you all.

BE SURE TO TELL JEO WHICH LOT YOU ARE ENTERING! You can leave a "note to the seller" through chip-in; the lots are on the FUDELL page linked above.

Thanks for being awesome!