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Charity Drive
April 1, 2019

First, let me preface this with: this is not a prank. I don't really do April Fools things.

Second, I'm so sorry about the quiet here! My husband and I are 99% done renovating the house, and now I'm away for 2 weeks taking a wilderness medicine course (a course I've been looking forward to taking for 8 years). AND IN MY "SPARE TIME" /sarcasm I've been helping organize a project near and dear to my permanently broken heart: A charity drive for the families of Yemen.

If you haven't heard of the Yemen Humanitarian Crisis, in brief it's the coalescence of major political unrest with the worst famine the world has seen in perhaps 100 years. You can a bunch of news articles on it here. Along with SpiderForest and the greater community of international comic creators, we've chosen this cause, and picked the World Food Program as our charity. 100% of funds goes directly to the WFP for food for the people of Yemen. In return for a donation of any amount, you will receive a link to a zine (a digital magazine) of over 50 original illustrations from independent comic creators around the world. These are new illustrations, never before seen, and everyone had the same prompt: "draw your characters as kids having fun." It is all-ages appropriate, and may introduce you to some new comics to read!

If you're interested in donating to this cause, our campaign runs April 1-April 15, and our very ambitious goal is to raise $5000 USD. Donate here!

I had the honor of inking and coloring the cover, and it's the only bit of art I've managed to do in who knows how many weeks! I'm sure I can click back to my last update here and be reminded how painfully behind I am, oi.