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New covers!
February 18, 2019

Next update is Wednesday, but today I have an update!

I'm pretty open about my...chaotic writing style. I was only loosely organized in terms of story scripting prior to medical school, and in the depths of that stress, my scripting for this comic fell apart. And when I got to this page, my script was only "Colbey gets to the city and everything goes to hell. Final chapter."

Well, that "final chapter" thing never happened, and Colbey had more in store for me than I thought she did. So I decided to let the story play out to it's natural conclusion, as long as that may be. For ease of reading, I went back and split up the 300+ page monstrosity that was Arc 20 into 5 new chapters. The archive page has been updated accordingly.

Going back to add new pages to archives means the comments will be all out of whack again, so I'd appreciate not getting a ton of comments that the comments are out of whack. Again. ;)

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