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Arc 19 - Punctuated Equilibrium - Page 40
July 22, 2015

Phew! And that's the end of this chapter!

I'm taking two weeks off (wrist pain, needs time), and will return with the final chapter (which will be very long) starting August 5th. I approximate this chapter will be around 100+ pages, so 3-4 regular chapters, taking a good 6 months or so to finish.

In cooler news, a reader and patron has very generously offered to make some buttons for this comic. I need to make some designs, but is there anything in particular anyone would like to see? Please comment below!

And welcome new Patron, Little_me!

Lastly, SpiderForest is accepting applications for new members starting August 1st. See what we're all about!

Oh, PS, some of you guys need to go re-read the arcs involving Snatch, lol. A few of you have caught on. :D

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