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Don't forget!
November 1, 2014

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Arc 17 - Whizard and the King - Page 8
October 31, 2014

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Dog is still alive. Doing pretty well, actually. Hopefully he's still got at least a few more weeks, maybe months. So here, have a picture. He is oh-so-handsome in his new socks that keep him from wiping out on the linoleum... I also have only the best to say about the place I bought the socks from, should you have a dog with similar problems. Shaved patch on his leg is from the IV he got.

 photo IMG_3041_zps0912cb51.jpg

And oh hey, those people. Bob and Prim. The former is rockin' his fake eyepatch again. Apparently there is still some animosity...

Happy Halloween, y'all. I'm going to go hide in my closet and wait for this horrific week to finally pass. As I munch on candy I was supposed to give out to kids... ><

It's been a rough week. Don't judge. Om nom nom.

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