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Arc 9 - N-STAC - Page 16
April 6, 2012

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Did you miss monday's (or wednesday's) update? Don't forget this comic updates MWF for all of April!

I would like to thank Dr. Mann for teaching me the fine art of siphoning. Granted, not for gasoline, but for, uh, goop that collected in a saw I used to cut bones. Don't ask. I felt like Dexter all summer long. :D Great time though! And just today I won an award for my research poster presentation. Pretty awesome considering it was my summer research, and not my PhD!

I would also like to take a second to thank people for linking this comic in forums and on their blogs. Word of mouth is the BEST advertising tool, and heck, it's free for me! I get quite a few visits from your recommendations in those ubiquitous "what webcomics do you read" threads. So next time you come across one of those, please consider tossing my link up there! <3

Speaking of personal recommendations...the SpiderForest comic of the week is Dream*scar!

So this is my first time featuring a comic that's usually in the top 15, if not top 10, of TWC...if that tells you how awesome this comic is.

Dream*scar takes place in an alternate reality earth where all the monsters and fairy tales are not only real, they've also publicly revealed themselves and have formed a type of civil rights movement. Vix just found out that she herself is one of these "unhumans," and she's on the run from the cops for somehow maybe accidentally killing a bunch of her classmates, hiding in Unhuman central. This is page that hooked me personally. It's funny, it's dark, and it's awesome read. Check it out!

Also, upstate NY locals, I will be attending UBcon in 2 weeks, April 13-15 in Buffalo, NY! Come on by and buy my stuff--I mean, say hi ;) Thanks for reading!