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Arc 6 - Alpha Wolfe - Page 16
June 10, 2011

Well jeez. Put a loin cloth on that fellow, make him fluent in French, and this might as well be a Tarzan fan fic!

Edgar Rice Burroughs FTW. I loved those Tarzan books. They were the bomb. And probably highly inappropriate for a 4th grader. Apes eating each other and whatnot. BUT NOT MONKEYS. (Ode to Pratchett right there, kinda).

Colbey has dropped her gun and is about to do something foolish. Uh oh! Colbster. Please at least kick ass?

But who cares! You all want to know about Dr. Ariel Snatch, whose name makes everyone snigger FOR SOME STRANGE REASON, and who has a mysterious clearance level. And this Pollenbiotech stuff...what IS that anyway? Oh wait. Not quite there yet in the story.

Gosh, I'm so excited to start my new research project at SUNY Upstate. It is going to be so cool. Everything I have EVER wanted to do in research. MicroCT, 3D reconstruction, dissection...Kez is in heaven. I find myself somewhat dreading the start of med school classes. UGH orientation with my new colleagues was horrible. It was like the cafeteria in junior high--everyone comparing themselves to everyone else, forming social circles and hierarchies like a tribe of some sort. There's such a huge difference in the personalities between researchers and med students, let me tell you. I am REALLY missing people I can talk science with. Hopefully, I'll get over myself, grab this bull by the horns, and stop pining for my old life in Buffalo. :(

Never give up, never surrender!

Also, let's play a game. It is a game I played with a post-doc in Buffalo. We called it the "Nicholas Cage game." Without going to IMDB or doing a search, name a Nicholas Cage movie. See, in our game IRL, we each had to name a movie whenever we passed in the hall or lab and made eye contact. We got to 16 total before I lost. It was mightily impressive. I have since seen two more Nick Cage movies--Sorcerer's Apprentice (meh) and Next (likelikelikeHATE ARRGHHH), and so I will start it out. Reply to my first comment post below to play!