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Arc 6- Alpha Wolfe - Page 13
May 20, 2011

I have been waiting weeks to have someone call him "Dr. Wolfe." Life has meaning.

Where have you seen that symbol before? Anyone care to guess what the symbol means? You can purchase the Arc 5 Extension for $5 to fill in those blanks...if you haven't filled them in already!

You will be FORWARDED to the PDF after purchase.

This week's comic spotlight is on Between Places. Between Places is a somewhat trippy, emotionally-grounded fantasy story about worlds that Dreamers create, and what happens when fantasies get out of hand and people want to destroy those worlds. It follows the story of a girl named Rease, and the worlds she creates, where what happens there is real. It's like Inception with elves, magic and elementals, except Between Places was there first! Gosh I'm sucking at this synopsis thing.

Uhhh, there were a BUNCH of donations to the Sexify Colbey campaign, the total has been edited, I hope to draw the anime sketch tonight. Thank you so much for the support! A few of you are donating multiple times...would it be better to have an amount you can set yourselves? Lemme know.

Any pre-med students out there? I have a box of Kaplan MCAT in a Box flashcards for sale. They're only lightly used, $25 (includes shipping anywhere). I think they retail at $35-40. These cards are perfect for anyone studying for the MCAT. If you don't have to take that exam specifically, they're prolly not for you. Shoot me an email at to buy. Please, someone take them before I burn them and dance upon their ashes. Bitter much, Kez?

I am MOVING next Saturday, I don't know what the status of comics will be in the next two weeks, but of course I will be attempting to get them up. If I don't have internet know what happened. I am also defending my thesis on Thursday. Odds are I will be too hammered that night to get anything done...except bring the glass to my lips. That will be my main task that night.