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Newest Recruit
May 13, 2011

I spelled tasty wrong. Oh well. Hope to have a page up tonight, but thesis first. My schedule for the rest of this month is pretty freaking insane, we'll see what comes. Coughhacksneeze. Almost out of tissues. Dirty convention people argh.

In the meantime, Colbey joins up with the Reverts.

EDIT: Hey techperts, LazyReader was having a computer issue that could use your advice. Check the comments on the previous page toward the bottom.

EDIT 2: Yeah, this page ain't happening this week. Barely got time to fit in a sketch. See it in the forum. Please note, registration is turned off to prevent spam, email me to get an account there.

Arc 6- Alpha Wolfe - Page 11
May 11, 2011

Peter, your intel appears to be a few minutes off, because I distinctly remember Colbey muttering to herself that A City in A Place can go screw itself. Ahem. Also, his middle name. Obviously something funny about it. No, you're not supposed to know what.

The SpiderForest comic of the week is Cetiya! Cetiya, by Mitsukaiten, is a cyberpunk manga. Imagine an alternate earth where technology has reached that "sufficiently advanced" point where it is basically magic. The story follows a group of ADEPT (magic) users who work as an elite military force, except their own personal pasts and interpersonal dysfunctions really can get in the way of their missions. To me it's like an awesome mix of real-life Matrix (is that an oxymoron? haha) and Minority Report. Go check it out! SpiderForest is putting the spotlight on a different comic each week.

By the time the majority of you readers get to today's page, I, Kez, will be the owner of a brand-spanking-new Honda Fit. I am horribly excited. Pictures will abound! I have already chosen a name for my new ride--"Hidalgo." See, I name everything. My previous car, also a Honda, was named "Sparhawk" for one of my favorite characters from David Edding's Elenium series. I'm naming this car Hidalgo because, like the horse, it may not look the prettiest, and sports cars may make fun of it, but damn if it don't just keep on running! And because of the recent tsunami in Japan (and subsequent reactor damage), we're told Hondas will be in VERY short supply in the coming months. :(

Now I just have to make car payments for the next 5 years....*shudders*

Anyway! You all recommended a LOT of books on the last update. I'm going to check out a lot of them as soon as I finish my thesis, move, and get settled into Syracuse. I'm really looking forward to this great new adventure in my life. I have another question for you guys though, one that I should probably just research myself, but personal experience really helps me come to decisions.

I need to get a laptop. I do not own one, and the one I had a few years back nearly destroyed my wrist due to all the art I did on it. To this day, using a laptop (especially the touchpad) makes my wrist ache for days (achy wrist=no comics). So, I'm really interested in some sort of Tablet PC. Like something with a screen that flips around and I can use a pen or my finger as a stylus. Do such things exist? I don't think I can use the iPad or the other tablets because I will need a lot of processing power for graphics and modeling programs. Any suggestions?

Lastly, I'm happy to announce that What it Takes issues 1-5 are now available in the store! They turned out beautifully, and I sold a bunch at Penguicon last weekend. There's not too many left, so order them while I have them! They're $5 each, all come autographed. You can use the dropdown on the store page to select each issue to order in a batch.

And speaking of Penguicon, I've been sick for an entire week since returning. Blech. *shakes fist at con germs* But on the awesome side, I was interviewed by The Webcomic Beacon, a podcast by Fes, Tanya, Adam, Mark and Alex. There's video too! Y'know, now that I think about it...I shook Fes' hand. HE IS THE SOURCE OF MY ILLNESS! *shakes fist at Fes*

Peace out, thanks for reading.

PS--just took the last exam of my master's career on Tuesday. How awesome is that?!