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August 12, 2022

This week has been insane and I haven't gotten a chance to finish Friday's page. It will be late but will be up late Friday. Sorry!

Edit: I got destroyed on shift and I'm still working on notes. Stay safe and stay out of the emergency department...

Epilogue - Page 7
August 10, 2022

The What it Takes Omnibus Kickstarter is 75% funded with 20 days left! We are only $2133 $1989 $1900 away from goal and printing these books! Go back an update to read the news for more Kickstarter information.

I know a lot of you wanted Bob to pay. But honestly, he was probably the only sane one left after she offed Marlin, chopped up Arthur, and poisoned a couple hundred people with cholera.

If backing the Kickstarter isn't something you are able or willing to do, I'd much appreciate if you could please SHARE the campaign!You can retweet this, you can share this on FB, you can reblog this on tumblr, and you can share on reddit or over email. Word of mouth is the best advertising!

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