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Kickstarter Progress - Week 1!
August 8, 2022

You all blew away every expectation I had for the Kickstarter campaign!

As of the time I'm writing this, we are 69% funded with more than 3 weeks left! I've been getting a lot of questions though, so I want to make sure everyone is on the same page:

1) "What is [a] Kickstarter?"

I think because of the circles I travel in, I assumed this was common knowledge, but it's not and I apologize for not explaining! Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform for content creators (like me!) to fundraise for a specific product by means of reserving/pre-paying. The product in this case is the book (aka, Omnibus). Backers (potentially, people like you) reserve a product prior to production to fundraise the project, because it is extremely expensive to print books. The more you print, the less expensive each book is individually, and it's not worth printing any unless there is a minimum number produced.
It's also an all or nothing campaign, meaning, if we don't meet the goal, no one is charged, and the project stops. If we meet the goal, you are charged at the END of the campaign. Kickstarter is the most reputable platform out there for this kind of project. It is extremely secure if you are concerned about your financial information. I promise it's not weird to do a Kickstarter in the comics community haha

2) "Will the epilogue be in the book?"

Yes. The WHOLE STORY is in the physical book. I am using the epilogue as a way to keep y'all coming back for the duration of the month. You can read the details of the campaign for further specifics. The epilogue will also be in the digital download version.

3) "Why are you begging for money?/Are you pocketing this?"

To recap, a Kickstarter is a platform where people invested in a certain property may pre-pay to own a product associated with that property. You are buying a book in advance. Second, I am self-publishing, so that means I have to pay the printer in advance for the minimum number of copies to justify the set up costs (typically ~250 copies). Third, crowdfunding is what most everyone does who self-publishes. Fourth, I'm not making ANY money off this, I'm probably losing money lol. Yes, I could save up for about a year and pay out of pocket and rent a storage locker and set up an online store and making a little profit, but that's not the point.

4) "I don't want to/can't support the Kickstarter campaign, but I'll be able to buy a book later right?"

I'll be honest...probably not. I'm not printing very many of these, and I'm not going to open a store and continue to stock hundreds of books in my home. If you want the book, this is the only guaranteed time to get it. Otherwise, I'm hoping to keep a few extra copies to take to conventions and stuff, but it's not like this will be on amazon afterwards for you to buy. (Unless you know a publisher who'd like it and want to do a larger print run? hahahah jk jk contact me).

5) "How can I help, Kez?"

I'm so glad you asked! If you could please SHARE the campaign, that would be the most helpful thing. You can retweet this, you can share this on FB, you can reblog this on tumblr, and you can share on reddit. Most of the posts I've tried to make on reddit have been removed for self-promotion so I'm not gonna bother linking them :(

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