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Arc 18 - finished!
May 1, 2022

Catch up on the completed/revised Arc 18 here!

Soon as I complete revision for Arc 19, epilogue/KS is next. Stay tuned! Working as quickly as I can.

April 14, 2022

Man where to begin? These have been the hardest months of my life. Wasn't supposed to be this way, but here we are.

I didn't want to work on the epilogue until I was ready to actually launch the kickstarter, because I wanted the epilogue to advertise the kickstarter. And I'm not ready to launch the kickstarter until I can revise up to and including Arc 20.

Why? Well, it took over 450 pages of revisions until I reached the point in 2014 where I'd bought Lazy Nezumi, which is a photoshop add on that smooths lines. Essentially, before that, all the lines were super janky and pixellated. So, I finally got there. But it wasn't up until around page 600 that the majority of revisions would be only word bubble updates. Currently, I'm still updating a lot of faces to be on spec.

My plan was to get to page 600 by April 1. But there is a void in my life after...everything... happened. It has felt like we entered a dark, mirror universe that is spiraling off into complete chaos. Large Hadron Collider? I don't know. But it truly sucks.

I'm getting back on track. Slow but steady. Moving things back to end of May timeline for epilogue and Kickstarter.

Patrons can see a handful of cover concepts. Everyone is welcome to view the side by side comparison of Arc 17. Arc 17 page 12 remains the best dialogue I've ever written. And I, of course, still love the foreshadowing in the final page.

And then of course while editing this chapter, I came across my posts of Indy dying of splenic hemangiocarcinoma and I'm just a fucking hot mess. I'd been erasing the old news posts to make the archive binge experience better, but I can't make myself erase those. I need some fucking chocolate.

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