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Arc 19 - Punctuated Equilibrium - Cover
March 30, 2015

And we're baaa-aack!

Gosh that movie was so creepy in retrospect. Some of you know what I'm talking about. Some of you don't.

I have been absolutely swamped in my week off, so I have only the sketch for Wednesday's page. I'll put it up for a vote incentive when the page is done. What is punctuated equilibrium, you ask?

Chapters like this one are one of the reasons I really wanted to work on this story. There is some kickassery coming. Much due kickassery.

I will say at the onset of this, I am morally limited on what I show in the artwork. There are certain aspects of fighting with a blade that are wrong to just put out there like this. So I'll keep to simple things, but still hopefully cool things. I don't want my teachers to get pissed at me, but hey, I recommend if you've got local kali, pekiti tirsia, escrima, and/or similar styles near you to go give it a try.

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