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September 23, 2016

Vacation #2

You guys get pets today! Here are my parakeets. They get to be outside their cage most of the day while I am home, and boy do they let us know their displeasure if they don't get to come out and stretch their wings. Happy Bitchy was the first one I got about 2 years ago, after Indy died and I was pet-less :( I named her "Happy" because she made me a tiny bit happier. But she turned out not to be a very happy bird! We like to call her the Vulture because she hunkers down and glares at you from the highest perch she can find. (But she's my favorite. Don't tell the rest.)

Then I picked up "Squark," named for a characteristic chirp-noise she used to make. She's an absolute A-hole, and after almost 2 years with us, STILL refuses to let us anywhere near her. I think her egg got scrambled when she was pretty young...

I adopted Dipper from the local SPCA. He had been found outdoors at a construction site by some construction workers. He's a hoot. (Ba dum tss). As the only boy in the kezflock, he gets away with a lot. He had come from a pretty fly (ba dum tss) household from what I could tell, and had really been acclimated to human contact. I tried to find his original owners on my own without much luck.

Last to the flock was Fifi! ...not really a name I'd pick out personally, but that's how she came to us! She and Dipper have teamed up and like to cause trouble together.

Birds are cool.

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