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Arc 12 Fully Revised
December 26, 2020

Hey all! I had a few back-to-back exceptionally shitty shifts full of Very Bad Things so I went ahead and binged on revising old pages. It's really cathartic. I don't like being distracted from finishing the comic, but it calms me down. You can read Arc 12 here, and see them side by side, here.

I'm deciding if I'm going to continue posting these updated pages here in the archives or not, or keep them on patreon or something. I appreciate that some readers like to see the changes over time, but also, I don't want bad art or lettering or paneling to detract from the story. I might be far enough in now (319 of nearly 1000 pages) that things can stand on their own for the online version. Does anyone have a strong opinion one way or another?

And dang, did I really just ask for an opinion on the internet?

Arc 25 - Regrets - Page 127
December 19, 2020

Hey patrons, the next page is up for you!

I'm going to take the rest of the year off of new pages, see you in early January. Stay safe, don't get COVID, stay out of my ED.

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