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Arc 25 - Regrets - Page 123
December 4, 2020

The next page is up for patrons!

Have a great weekend :)

EDIT: There's a ton of new page revisions up on the public patreon! Arc 11 has now been updated up page 21. Hopefully finish the rest of the chapter by the end of the weekend.

And if you missed it!

"This past week I was honored and privileged to participate in the Global Karenza Project spinoff, spotlights, organized in part by my Pekiti Tirsia International instructor, Jack Latorre.

Kali has a tradition of being fractured and even antagonistic between styles, but this pandemic has given us the opportunity to see what we all have in common--karenza, the flow. Excuse the dog, he kept photobombing. You can check out the 100+ different karenza's on Tuhon Jack's youtube page here."

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