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Arc 5 - Scot Free - Cover
December 31, 2010

Happy New Years Eve! Be merry, drive safe, or Colbs will find you and kick your ass. Welcome one and all to the start of the next storyline! We're moving right along here, and remember that as of January, What it Takes will be updating 3x a week for the first three weeks, maybe more! Depends on how full the pot gets *points left*.

I went back and added a cover page to chapter 3, which is just a cropped version of the print cover. It also means all the comments from that page on are for the comic PREVIOUS to it.

The contest in the forum is almost over! Whoever posts the 5000th post gets a free commission from me. Only 100 posts to go as of tonight! Details of the contest here.

Mary Sneddon of Avernyght has yet again made me another FABULOUS fan art. Her previous two were for The War of Winds, but this one...heheheheh...this one is for What it Takes, AND it's based on historical ideas of manly coolness (or somesuch). View it here! I will add it to the fan art gallery here soon.

Comment Replies

MSB: Oh ho ho, who said bar dude is a cop? ;)

Darwin: Colbey was very specific in her phrasing of that final narrative. She hasn't seen him. Face to face. In years. ...but... ;)

Xanthine: A little yes and a little no. It will become clear in time!

Octosue: I decided to bow to the tradition in ye olde comiques and name her something with the same two starting sounds. Frankly, names like "Peter Parker" just annoy the hell outta me, so I added the O' in there to preserve what little dignity I have left in this comic. As for the rest, the BEGINNING of the end was pretty sudden, yes. Out of nowhere. Except for the few who saw it coming. BUT I WILL SAY NO MORE.