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Arc 25 - Regrets - Page 52
July 4, 2019

Getting back into the swing of it.

Back from a couple pages ago, pretty sure y'all're smart enough to figure out who's coming ;)

For my American readers, happy independence day! Remember and be proud of our rebellious legacy and need to constantly buck authority. However, please don't end up in the emergency department with a blown up hand because you felt the need to mix booze and explosives. Pick one or the other, m'kay? Cuz it's folks like me who will have to fix you up. #day4onthejob

For my Canadian readers, belated happy Canada day!

For the time being, I'm just going to upload pages soon as they are done until I work back to a regular schedule. So if you're not a fan of RSS, you'll just want to keep checking back! ;)

Finally, please support the SpiderForest Kickstarter!! We have an awesome project with 1 week left to fund. I have a 7 page story in it! If anyone is interested, I'll offer to personalize yours with a drawing inside. I'll ask SpiderForest to create a tier for that you can choose, or maybe like add $20 to your order of the book. Gotta pass it by the folks running the campaign first, but I'll do it if readers here are interested in that particular perk. Email ( or comment here to let me know. <3