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Moving update!
June 9, 2019

Hello my dear friends!

It's been QUITE the moving adventure. I only just got internet today (because the ISP screwed up) and we STILL don't have furniture yet (because the moving company is awful) and I can't WAIT to sit down and write up the Saga of the Move for you.

Getting settled, comics soon now that I have internet! Major, negative, review of Colonial movers on the way. Holding off on final thoughts until they deliver our STUFF but WHO KNOWS when that will be?

But, I'm fine, my husband is fine, our pets are fine, the new place is lovely, the weather is amazing, and we've got a lot of support to get through this period. I also managed to finish my anthology entry! Check back Monday/Tuesday for a new page! <3

The Cicadas
May 27, 2019

2 week break in pages while I move and finish up my submission to the latest SpiderForest anthology! Patrons can see panel previews here.