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Arc 4 - The Yeti - Page 22
December 29, 2010

That's the end of arc 4! Thanks for reading, y'all!

No, I will not be expounding on the details of what happened that night.

No, I really don't care if I used irony incorrectly.

Yes, remember that though lots of people die in this comic, it's SUPPOSED to be about Colbey's search for Peter. What can I say? Beneath all the murderous desires, I'm really a big softy.

We're only $40 away from an entire month of M/W/F updates in January! Thanks to awesome supporters, What it Takes is already set for three solid weeks of M/W/F updates in January, and there's still plenty of time left to cover the other two weeks. And if that meter *points right* goes over, that rolls into more updates that month, or into next month (February). If you're new to the comic/how this works, I collect funds for the extra updates leading up to the available dates. Each extra update is $20, and regardless of the amount raised, the comic WILL update W/F to schedule. Extra updates will be extra, and not a make up for missing a W/F update. If you put $20 or more in the pot and take care of an entire update, I will mail you a complimentary issue 1 with an original drawing in it to thank you for supporting me and this comic. :) If you cannot view the Chip-In widget in the left sidebar beneath the comic, you can donate directly to that meter by clicking here.

There's a super easy contest going on in the forum right now! Whoever posts the 5000th post gets a free commission from me! Details here. Less than 200 posts to go!

Comment Replies

. Octosue: Thanks! And you're right about the third guy in that panel--it's that mysterious guy at the bar!

MSB: See above :P

Babs: Hmm, who IS in the bodybag? hehehe. Glad you like the juxtaposition!

Darwin: Ah ha, you see where this is going!