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Arc 4 - The Yeti - Page 20
December 22, 2010

It's that flashback. That I started before. That I will now finish in the next 2 pages.

There are already 2 extra Monday updates scheduled for January! If you're new to the comic, I collect funds for the extra updates leading up to the available dates. Each extra update is $20, and regardless of the amount raised, the comic WILL update W/F to schedule. Extra updates will be extra, and not a make up for missing a W/F update. If you put $20 or more in the pot and take care of an entire update, I will mail you a complimentary issue 1 with an original drawing in it to thank you for supporting me and this comic. :) If you cannot view the Chip-In widget in the left sidebar beneath the comic, you can donate directly to that meter by clicking here. Only $4 more to go to reach a third extra update in January!

There's a super easy contest going on in the forum right now! Whoever posts the 5000th post gets a free commission from me! Details here. As of today, the total post count is 4730.

Comment Replies

MSB: fuddernutters? :3

Xanthine: Ohio is correct!

Mary: Right south of Hillsboro, correct. :) At least, if my map-fu is good!

Octosue-axe: Attack of the pun! Was wondering who would stoop to that :P

Babs: I was aiming for that cinematic experience, glad someone kinda caught that vibe.

Katie: A bit far north, actually!

Darwin: I miss my atlas :( Lost it somewhere a long time ago.

Varangian: Yeah, poor guy--just can't get ahead!