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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 336
January 30, 2019

Now, hunt! Patrons, you can see the next page here. All of you can see the TWO HUNDRED revised pages in the archive, or see them side by side here!

Please note, I'm clearing out the archives a bit, a bunch of wonderful fan art has been moved to the gallery page, and this means comments won't sync for awhile, sorry!

Black Shallows: The world is quite literally falling apart. With ever increasing amounts of land collapsing into the water, the search for answers leads to a secretive group of people who can seemingly travel through dirt and time.

Gifts of wandering ice - Sci-fi story about ancient things people find in melting icebergs and the apocalypse that, surprisingly, made humanity better.

Please enjoy the above 2 comics! Highly recommended!

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