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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 329
December 19, 2018

Well that's an understatement, Bob.

This week I'm off to Columbus, OH, for another interview! Wish me luck!

I have no vote incentive for you today, but you can see the in-progress flashback revisions for Arc 7. I've added 2 pages, and likely will add 2 more. Revision progress is always available for the public to view on patreon. (And frankly it's been so nice to draw Peter and Colbey in the same space at the same time and KNOW the other is there that I've been a little obsessed with finishing up this revision/decompression sequence).

Never fear! There will be one more new page before I go on break for 2 weeks between Christmas and New Years. It just will likely be up on Friday midday because of travel.

Have a super wednesday!

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