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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 321
November 28, 2018

So much news today!

What it Takes is 9 years old!

I wanted to focus my available free time mostly on things directly related to Colbey and co., but I managed to make a small celebratory image!


Colbey got a cameo in 6 Commando!

Mathieu Moyen of the peri-apocalyptic military sci-fi 6-Commando found a spot for Sergeant Colbey in his roster! If you like What it Takes, you will LOVE 6 Commando! And you can see Matt's character Sarah Bronniford in her cameo as head of City Security!

The Arc 5 Extension Has Been Updated!

Since I added a couple of pages at the end of Arc 5, I've needed to update the downloadable content to match the slight change of events. I also updated the art! If you have ever bought the Arc 5 Extension, email me at to get the link to the new version (the link is the same location as the old one if you have still have the link I sent you)! Please make sure you either email from your paypal account email, or just let me know what your paypal email is.

And of course, you can still buy it for $5! The link is on the right side bar -->

I finished revising Arc 6!

I added 4 pages and really decompressed the end there. You can start reading from here, and you can see the page-to-page comparisons on patreon!

Finally, Pages up to Dec 7 are up on Patreon!

Patrons can view those future pages here!

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