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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 313
October 29, 2018

The next 2 pages are up for Patrons! EDIT: and 2 sketch pages after that!

I'm so so excited guys--this week begins my personal interview season, and I'll be traveling all around the US for Emergency Medicine residency spots. First up, Cleveland! I had to push a lot of my interviews back because unlike most sane medical students in their final year, I loaded up on what's called "acting internships," and right now I'm in the middle of Plastic Surgery. Which, awesome. I'm learning so much about how to close wounds for both strength of closure, and also the final look/cosmesis. It's so useful to what I want to do. But it means I've been really busy too. Gotta schedule in those trips to Cancun or Costa Rica or something like the rest of my friends seem to be doing, jeez.

I'll wait until the depths of winter to escape somewhere warm. Somehow. Need to find a groupon or something...

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