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By Delphina of Sombulus!
August 30, 2018

The wonderful and amazing Christina "Delphina" Major of Sombulus came through in the clinch and dropped me with some guest art! Thanks Delphina!

If you haven't read her comic yet, it's always a top recommended from me. It's a fun, equally amusing and heart-wrenching (*shakes fist* I just want them to be haaaapppyyy) romp through different worlds. I like to think Colbey and Sydney would either be best pals, or arch rivals ;)


Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 304
August 27, 2018


Again, profuse apologies for the lack of pages. And profuse apologies that updates will continue to be spotty for the next couple of weeks.

I have transplanted to baltimore for the month to take on the role of a "sub-intern" or an "acting intern" at John's Hopkins, in their emergency department. Guys. It is a WILD ride. I'm in over head like I never imagined, but the residents, faculty, and staff here are exceptional. I am a giant ball of nerves, but, I'm learning an amazing amount and just feel grateful to even be here.

However, I have only my Surface tablet to draw on, and I frankly hate it. The pen has intermittent jitters in sensitivity, it will just stop working occasionally, and the screen is so very tiny compared to my dual monitor set up at home. It's really annoying to make comic pages on it, essentially. Takes me a very long time. I'll try my best to get more pages out, but I also don't want to waste my free time on pages I'll have to redraw for the print version, y'know? I may just take this opportunity to get far ahead sketching future pages, and post to patreon. Which I have been neglecting. More profuse apologies??

Recs for my time in Baltimore welcome. The aquarium, Sip and Bite Diner, and All the Crab I Can Eat already on the list.

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