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Arc 4 - The Yeti - Page 15
November 24, 2010

Oh shiiiiiii---

Will anything ever go right for Colbey? I hope you were paying attention to the argument in the background. I figured since Colbey was in a bar, she might as well get in a bar fight? If you go through the trouble of setting up a scene, no need to waste it. :3

This page also sees the return of some of the Red Shirt Squad. In the words of Worf, it is a good day to die. Well, not TODAY, but you get the idea. This page stars Mike of Prepare to Die and Andy about to duke it out. They were the two having the argument, though I'll let you decide who was on what side of the conversation. We also have Sharon T Rose putting the smack-down on the up-start bartender getting in the way of a good bar brawl. Which reminds me--the Red Shirt Squad on the cast page was updated with previous cameos, the archive page was updated, and so was the about page. Oh! And so did the gallery page. YOU KNOW WHAT THE WHOLE SITE JUST UPDATED OK?!

More good news! I will be offering extra updates again in January, and collecting funds for that in December. For those of you who missed how that worked the last time around, I put up a chip-in widget (it has an automatic meter), and every donation through that gets put into the pot. I first offered pages for $15 a piece, that has gone up to $20 :( Sad, I know, but I have to justify the extra time spent! Every time it meets the quota for one page, that's an extra page that goes up on the following Monday, so 3x a week. Donations for an entire page get you a copy of What it Takes issue 1, autographed, with an original doodle inside. Any donation over $1.50 gets you the December wallpaper of Colbey and Peter, talking smack on the park bench. Those of you who support this comic/this poor grad student, thank you! I love updating 3x a week too, the story gets going so fast!

The Webcomic List Awards have started their nomination round! What it Takes would very much appreciate your nomination for Best New Comic of 2010, or whatever other category you think might fit! <3

Comment Replies

Seilann: I think Colbey fails Interviewing 101 D:

Jande: Ah ha! Someone finally mentioned that! I've been waiting.

Josh: Haven't read it, so wouldn't know!

Darwin: With a capital D indeed. <3

MSB: No gratitude I tell ya!

Darwin: I think it's the first time she's been rebuffed THAT fast.