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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 280
February 26, 2018

Peter tries to make friends. Will it work? Well, he's not Colbey, who is very bad at friend-making, so...maaaaybe?

New thing for patrons! Claim your free postcard with a new piece of What it Takes art, and an original drawing! You gotta email me your mailing address (

New poll for you all! Sometimes people share this comic under genres I consider ...probably inaccurate, but it makes me think. I know what I think What it Takes is, but what do readers think? Please pick 3!

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PS: I deliberately removed the option for "post-apocalyptic" or "survival" as a genre option to force y'all to pick something that maaaaaybe fits as your third choice. I want to see what maaaaybe fits the most according to you all.

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