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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 268
January 15, 2018

Aight, illustrating Peter's first foray into true independent survival foraging is starting to bore me, and if it's boring me, it's probably boring you. Let's speed things up a bit! And guess what?! January 19th is the 8 year anniversary of this comic! So there should be explosions!! And blood! ...or something ;)

I added a bunch of links where readers can find and keep up with What it Takes updates over there *points left* at the bottom of the left side bar.

Archive Binge is the newest one, and I guess now that Comic Rocket isn't maintained anymore (someone let me know if that's wrong? I can't get a few things to work on the site), for those of you who want to discover new comics through a Comic Rocket-like interface, it's your best bet. THANKS SO MUCH whoever added What it Takes there! <3

I start another new rotation this week (each just a week long now), so we'll see what the evenings hold for me for comic-making time. The next update should be on Wednesday!

EDIT: I drew some fan art for Monica of MoonSlayer, which also features a kick-ass heroine. Please go check out Monica's comic! Scroll down for my fan art <3.

EDIT 2: A sketch of the next page is up for everyone on Patreon!

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