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Arc 4 - The Yeti - Page 12
November 12, 2010

Colbey is nothing if not straight to the point, huh?

The Webcomic List Awards have just started! What it Takes would very much appreciate your nomination for Best New Comic of 2010, or whatever other category you think might fit! <3

I'm going to try doing vote incentives again, since that's free advertising. If you click here and "vote" for The War of Winds/What it Takes, you'll get to see a preview of a wallpaper I'm working on of Colbs and Peter, pre End. Today's is the flat-colored version of Wednesday's preview, with some dialogue for fun. You can vote for as many comics as you want each day, just once per comic per day. The wallpaper will become available ~Nov 15 for $1.50 in the store, and it will only be available until Dec 15. The wallpapers feature mini desktop calendars, so their use is somewhat limited. ;) The current wallpaper available goes away in 3 days, so hurry and get it if you're interested in making your desktop all peeerrrttyy! It features Rahn, the West Wind, from my other comic. And, if you haven't checked it out, stuff is for sale at reduced prices in the store. I'm trying to get rid of inventory, and hey, Christmas isn't that far off!

Comment Replies

Josh: He's really asking a question, not being glib.

Xanthine: Yehti's reputation in Driftwood comes to light soon enough!

Darwin: haha! One or the other! Personally, I wouldn't mess with a guy known as The Yeti!

Mark: Hope this clarifies your previous question!

Darwin: He'll be back later! Keep an eye out! :P