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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 245
October 25, 2017

And it's another update! Peter has not been pooped on. Yet.

The 6-page prequel to the story, which occurs right after events in "The Proposal," is now up for sale! This story was featured in the first SpiderForest anthology, which is getting ready to be sent to the printers. So if you didn't grab your digital or physical copy of the book, you can now grab the What it Takes prequel for $5. Link in the right sidebar-->.

All proceeds of that go toward paying for a fence for my dog! Jeez those are expensive.

The story has also been posted multiple times for $5+ patrons, so if you haven't downloaded it yet for yourself, you can find it on the patreon page! $5+ patrons get access to all the downloadable stories. ;)

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