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October 19, 2017

Two page previews are up for What it Takes patrons! I have an extra shift to pull this week so not sure if I'll have another page up by Friday or not. Will try!
Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 242
October 18, 2017


Peter has a bull's eye on that butt. GET AWAY PETER.

Don't forget the next group of new SpiderForest comics!

: Retired warrior Dionisia’s quiet life as a grandmother is interrupted when an old friend is in need of saving. With her past catching up to her she is about to discover just how magic left her world, and have to decide if it is worth bringing back.

Beneath the Clouds
: Genza, a exiled nobleman-turned-monk, is offered a chance to redeem himself by undertaking a perilous journey to Heian Kyo. Will Genza be prepared to confront his own demons in order to save the life of the man who exiled him, will his daughter Masako make a new life for herself in the city, and does a stranger met on the road offer a chance for a new way forward?

Hex Lovers (NSFW)
: A comedic tale of romance, depression and magic users! Follow the adventures of Blue Wizard & Hex Witch as they survive dungeons, goblins, and long term relationships! Along the way they will encounter both friend, foe and ex-boyfriends.

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