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No Comics This Week
November 3, 2010

Taking the week off from comics to catch up on some other work. What it Takes is back November 10th!
Arc 4 - The Yeti - Page 10
October 29, 2010

I haven't slept in 2 days. Also, I would like to take a second and gloat about my succesful deflection! And you thought the weird guy she sat next to was the Yeti! PFFT. <_<

I was informed that when trying to order Issue 1 of this story, international shipping kept popping up for state-side orders. That has now been fixed! So sorry. More importantly! Posters in the store are 1/2 off. Why not just check out the store already?! Christmas IS just around the corner ;)

Comment Replies

MSB: Haha, thanks! I love drawing her frumpy expressions.

Seilann: Welcome!

Ink: Teehee! Not ALL the cute people have died! There is safe haven where there is alcholz!

Xanthine: Is this one a bit more to your hairy liking? :P DEFLECTION!

Nicheck: I mixed it up on purpose, really wanted to jumble the past and the present into one mush that is progressing on the same track. Hopefully it will make more sense later!

Darwin: Nah, more than likely that was just the last seat open! I hate sitting next to weird people at bars, eww.