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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 237
September 20, 2017

(In case you ever wanted to know what cholera-poop smells like, it smells like fish. Apparently.)

I wish I had something else snarky or amusing to say. I'm about 18 weeks into my 3rd year of medical school, and it's both terrifying and amazing. I'm learning a ton every day. My brain is constantly on overdrive. There's so much to catch up on considering I spent the last 4 years getting my PhD! And the stress of constantly playing catch up is starting to wear on my creative drive. Creativity for me comes from comfort, not stress. But my patients have been 100% amazing people and I feel honored to have helped them even in some small way.

I'll try to get another page up for you on Friday. No promises, but I will try! In the mean time, you all are welcome to review more changes to Arc 5 on patreon. I've added 2 pages (already in the archives), and I'm adding at least two more. This post specifically demonstrates how page 16 is going to be split into 3, and why.

It's strange, but doing page revisions are incredibly comforting. It's probably because revisions require little in the way of creativity, only time and technical proficiency... I'm doing my best to make sure the improvement of past work for print does not impact NEW pages, but I admit some nights I come home and it's all I've got in me.

Also, I'm unsure if I'm going to continue to include the revised pages in the webcomic archive, as I'd prefer to keep stuff under wraps for the print book ;) We'll see. Up to the end of Arc 5 will be included for everyone online for sure. And any future revisions will be on patreon for patrons.

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