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We interrupt this broadcast
August 21, 2017

Alli of My Hero needs some help raising money to get her primary comic-making computer back up and working! She is offering some really great prices for bust commissions! Head on over there to check out the deals!

I requested "Colbey finds an intact chocolate bar. First taste of chocolate in years." Alli upped the ante:

Peter: Colbs, we're finally back together an-

Colbs: No time for you. Only chocolate.

Head cannon accepted.

New page as soon as I can! I spent the day ENRAGED. Cops had blocked off my exit to get to work, so I got in late, running, dropped my phone that had LITERALLY just finished being paid off...and utterly busted it. New phone time on a rushed Sunday afternoon. Transition from windows phone to android. I mean, I was going to transition anyway, but I REALLY liked my phone. All I wanted was to transition to the Google Overlords on my own terms :(

Spent the evening configuring the damn thing. ARgh.

Don't forget! If you're in the US, the solar eclipse is today! Hope you picked up your certified classes or made yourself a pinhole camera! I will have to escape the responsibilities of the hospital to check it out :D

Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 230
August 17, 2017

Quick scene. They're still alive. On to the next scene!
Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 230
August 16, 2017

Sketch preview up for patrons! Got home later than intended, couldn't finish. Check back wednesday evening! <3

For the time being, I'm aiming for 2.5 pages a week, so I'll no longer be front-loading the 2 extra monday updates at the beginning of the month. They'll occur whenever I have time throughout, likely on a weekend. A little disorganized, but hopefully the same volume of pages!

Time to sleep, patients to see in the too-early AM :P

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