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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 220
July 5, 2017


1) the SpiderForest Anthology Kickstarter just reached 2k! Almost 50% funded! Please help by backing and/or sharing the campaign! The book (or the ebook) gets you a fully colored 6 page What it Takes prequel, as well as 18 other stories from fellow SpiderForest creators <3

2) I'm hoping the next page will be Friday, but I'm not sure yet. My hours for the foreseeable future are 11-12 hour days (or nights).

3) 2 more page revisions were posted on Patreon with comparisons! 1 more page left for Arc 4. I think that makes 90 revised pages. Not bad. Still prepping for print, and so far quite happy with the changes. I'll be finished Arc 4 revisions ASAP and then focusing on new material until this hell month is over.

4) At least 1 very smrt reader noticed a few pages back that the last person Colbs knifed in her post-shooting haze matched a certain character who snuck out of the City earlier. Don't surprise folks in a berserker rage. It's bad for your health.

Catch you at my next available opportunity!

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