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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 219
July 3, 2017

A page!

What does Colbey spy?

So I'm gonna be really honest--this month, I have NO IDEA what my comic schedule will be. I'm starting a new clinical rotation and the responsibilities are frankly [censored]. The rules state that students may not work more than 80 hours a week averaged over 5 weeks. I'll be pulling a bunch of 12 hour night shifts. If this means that patrons want to pull their support while I can't guarantee any kind of schedule for the next few weeks, I understand. I'll do my best to keep everyone updated on when the next page will be. There will be a page on Wednesday. Not sure about Friday. More frequent updates on my schedule will be provided via twitter and facebook.

Also, the SpiderForest Anthology Kickstarter needs your help! While I will be selling my 6 page, full color, What it Takes prequel AFTER the campaign, keep in mind that for only $5 more, you could get the professionally-formatted e-book with 18 other artist's stories in it. For only $20, you can get the physical book. I would LOVE to have my work in print, and you can help that goal come true! Please back today! SpiderForest is a community of independent comic creators, and group projects like this are what makes our community amazing!

AND, if you're a super fan, you can grab one of 5 personalized spots for $75. I'll draw something original, just for you, in your book, and autograph it! ALL proceeds go toward publishing. (I'll toss in a few extra things I have on hand, like stickers and buttons, for you too <3).

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