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Double Whammy
June 30, 2017

Double Whammy--sick AND a giant exam. Page on Monday. :(
Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 218
June 28, 2017

Sorry the page isn't finished! This is exam week for my first clinical rotation. :( I'll get the finished page up on Wednesday <3 I'm trying hard to keep to schedule. I'll admit it's about to get really, really, hard. I just got my schedule for next month, and it's all OB/GYN, and it's 11-12 hour days. I dunno about you guys...but have you tried to be at all creative when you spend all day running around totally stressed out without enough sleep? It's hard. I'm trying.


The SpiderForest Anthology project is now up on Kickstarter! We have 20 participating artists from the SpiderForest webcomic collective (of which What it Takes and The War of Winds have been a part for 10+ years). My entry is a 6-page prequel to What it Takes, in full glorious color, graphic novel size! There is also a $75 tier that gets you the book, some prints, some other goodies, AND a personalized (inked drawing), autographed book from yours truly! Our $5000 goal is very modest, but we at SpiderForest are VERY excited to complete this project! Please consider backing! <3 Note: I don't get any of the tier money--ALL goes to printing!

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