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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 191
March 6, 2017

Special Patreon perk this month! FREE SWAG FOR ALL CURRENT PATRONS, as well as anyone who signs up for this month (at any monetary level). Prints, sticker, button, bookmark, and if you don't already have one (or I guess, if you want a second? idk) Edition 1 of Arc 1, autographed of course. :D

Email me your current mailing address ( and I'll send these out at the end of March. Sorry Mithlycos it took so long to get the posters printed D:

Umm I hope we know what the purpose of the Scary Room is for and what is in that special jar that Snatch just picked up.

Becky's dead guys. Dead dead dead. convenient it is that we have a character who can like, talk to ghosts? XD

Patrons can see the inks to Wednesday's page!

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