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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 190
March 3, 2017

She? Who is "she?"

Snatch, why you going down to the dark scary place? Why?

Guys, since I switched over to Disqus yesterday, my site looks like a total graveyard. I am way too busy to migrate comments over from intense debate, so I'm hoping you all might drop a few comments so the tumbleweeds stop hitting me in the sad face.

ALSO! Special Patreon perk this month! FREE SWAG FOR ALL CURRENT PATRONS, as well as anyone who signs up for this month (at any monetary level). Prints, sticker, button, bookmark, and if you don't already have one (or I guess, if you want a second? idk) Edition 1 of Arc 1, autographed of course. :D

Every now and then I like to send out things to patrons, and the last one I did was the winter holidays in 2015! Been too busy with wedding and thesis. So I hope to make it up a bit to all of you wonderful supporters! Email me your current mailing address ( and I'll send these out at the end of March.

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