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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 188
February 27, 2017

Uh oh! There goes Alex making bad decisions!

I'm like 90% done with the next two pages and those will soon be up for Patrons! Edit: here they are!

In the meantime, you'll notice some minor site reorganization. The SF half tower exchang (*points left*) and the Patreon banner have switched spots. Nothing too big. I mocked up a few ways to make the news area less floaty but I couldn't find anything I liked! I'd have to take out the texture underneath the comic and I kinda like that a lot. So I just center aligned the news headings for now and I think that helps a bit. I may simplify the side bars instead. Switching those design elements up was recommended by Gheralf of Realm of Owls in a round robin crit thread. Thanks Gheralf!

A side note, the art on the new patreon banner (*points right*) is from my new business cards I had made up for the comic! They're pretty fly cards if I do say so myself.

Catch you wednesday with the next update!

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